About us

Our Team

Aden Abdulkadir Abdi

Co-Founder / Managing Director

MSc. Renewable Energy.

15 years experience in Energy, Agrobusiness development & Climate Smart Agriculture.

Yusuf Aden Abdi Jeeraar

Co-Founder / Operations Manager

BSc Agriculture

2 years experience in Agricultural Business Management, and Training Farmers.

Ms. Liin Hassan

Finance Manager

Bachelor of Business Administration

20 years of Business Administration experience.

Records,  Compliance, and Certification

Pastoralists and Livestock farmers.

Enabling livestock farmers to improve the quality of their animals and productivity to earn higher prices.

Resilience to drought is essential in Somalia as its located in the drought prone Horn of Africa.

Our fodder production strenghtens the resilienceof pastoralists and livestock farmers to weather related climate shocks and reduce fooder and food security in the sector.

During drought, too many animals die and communities lose their only source of livelihood and income. Our high quality fooder helps dairy farmers condition their animals,and increase milk yields during drought seasons when prices of milk are highest.

Some Cool Farm Numbers.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Large scale fodder customers
Years of Operation
Irrigated Hectares under fodder Cultivation

Somalia is amongst the most vulnerable countries in the Horn of Africa from Climate change, weather variability and climate shocks . We are leveraging climate smart technologies to boost production through out the year.

We Love Nature

Due to increased rain failures of traditional season rains, we have invested in climate smart agriculture to mitigate and manage those risks on our farm

The Sun is Natures gift.

Our deep well solar pump irrigated ecosystem leverages the sun to pump irrigation water throughout our farm

Climate smart irrigation using solar powered irrigation set ups.

If you are looking for high nutritional value livestock feed to mitigate climate change shocks in Somalia,

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