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Caws & Calaf Farm is a commercial livestock fodder producer under solar irrigation in Afgooyee District, Somalia

There is a very high demand for quality livestock fodder at export seaports, along the main livestock export trade corridors  and from a rapidly growing dairy sector in periurban areas, to meet the high demand for milk from high populated cities and urban populations.

Our fodder production is sold to livestock farmers throughout the year,  mitigating rainfall variability shocks and higher average temperatures that reduce pasture, forage crop, and fodder availability, adversely affecting livestock production.

The problem we are addressing.

Our Solution 1.

Drought tolerant Mulato II grass. Value chain.


Mechanized fodder production

Mechanized brachiaria grass harvesting

Mechanization enables elevated efficiency , lower production costs unit economics ensuring a competitive market advantage.

Sun dried fodder grass is delivered for baling

Value addition is achieved by drying and baling Increasing value, ease of handling and portability to end users.

Market ready fodder bales

Baled brachiaria is more attractive to customers because of its higher nutritional density in dry matter, long shelve life, portability and storability. even on livestock ships.

2. Drought Tolerant beet . Value-chain




Livestock loves beet. Palatable & High energy density

Go to market

Target Farmers' Market Segments.


Dairy & Beef

Goat & Sheep .

Beet is high in energy density, palatability, and digestibility. Mulato  II grass is high in crude protein and fiber.

 Farmers benefits.   Lower feed costs, higher quality fodder,  higher productivity, and income.


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